Our most popular One Day Amish Country Itinerary

Available Any Time

This is our most popular offering for a one day Amish Country
visit. All of the times can be adjusted to meet your schedule.

10:00 a.m. – Arrive in Arthur/Amish Country. Pull your coach right up to
out office where your group will have a chance to refresh.

Let your guests stretch their legs a bit and use the restrooms if necessary. Shopping the adjacent Vine Street merchants for 30 minutes to an hour will be a treat for your group as
several of the stores have fine wood products from the local Amish
craftsmen. They will be able to browse the antiques at Yoder’s Lamp Shop or
at Dicks Pharmacy shakes are still hand dipped, and you can get a real
cherry coke. There are also quilts, crafts, collectibles, a music store, and
women and men’s fine clothing stores. All within an easy short block. An hour is never enough but we’ll start here.

11:00 a.m. – If you arrive later, we’ll start here. Meet your Step-On Guide at The Wood Loft in downtown Arthur. The guide will begin your scenic tour through the countryside, and will
explain the history of Arthur and the Amish to your group. The tour will
include stops at Amish country shops along the tour.

About Noon or shortly after – Enjoy home cooking at an Amish farm home nestled in the Arthur
countryside or at Yoder’s Kitchen located in Arthur. The meal includes;
homemade bread, salad, fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, noodles or
dressing, vegetable, pie, and a drink. After the meal your Amish host will
give you a tour of her farm, and barns and discuss Amish country life, buggy
travel, and a bit about her day to day activities.

2:00 p.m – Re-board your coach to continue your guided tour of the Amish
area with a few stops at country businesses operated by our Amish
neighbors. Your guests will enjoy the unique product selections, the gas
lamp lit shops and rubbing elbows with the locals. Return to Arthur sometime after
3pm to drop off your guide, let your group stretch and maybe shop some more if you have time, or
head off towards home or your evening destination. Groups that spend less than an hour visiting the in-town shops leave wanting more time.

3-5:00 p.m. – Depending on your schedule, if you are over nighting in the area, or don’t have far to drive, an evening meal can be added at Yoder’s Restaurant or other choices here in Arthur. Yoder’s has been recognized as one of the best family restaurants in Illinois. Their buffet and home made pie selections are perfect for larger groups.

Cost per person for this simple one day visit/tour is $20-$21 per guest depending on group size.

This makes an easy to plan day in Illinois Amish Country!