While Abraham Lincoln never actual slept here in Amish Country, the soon to be 16th President of the United States skirted the edges when he regularly passed thru our area on his circuit rides as a young lawyer. Many early records of cases argued by Abe are found in all of our surrounding court houses.

Just 15 minutes to our south is the Lincoln Log Cabin Historic site. Here the Lincoln family (Abe’s parents) farmed during the time frame that Abraham practiced law in Springfield. The Lincoln Log Cabin site is operated as a living history site with interpreters, special activities and more.

About 10 minutes to our north in the small town of Bement, is the small “Bryant Cottage” state historical site. Here, in this 1856 home of a businessman and friend and polittical ally of Stephen Douglas, Lincoln met with Douglas to plan their series of debates. The home is maintained with original and period furnishings. Lincoln then, after the meeting, it is said, took the midnight Great Western train to Springfield.

And speaking of Springfield Illinois, many historic Lincoln sites exist, including The new Lincoln Presidential Museum, The Lincoln home and law offices, and Lincoln’s final resting place in Oak Ridge Cemetary in Springfield. The new museum itself, makes a trip to central Illinois worthwhile.

ACM Tours frequently combines Amish Country and Lincoln sites in many multiple day visits.