Arthur Spring Quilt Show in Amish Country
Arthur Amish Quilters
The Arthur area and the surrounding Illinois Amish Country is well known for fine quilt making. Each year hundreds of hand stitched, Amish and other locally made quilts are sold at benefit auctions and sales throughout the year as well as at the numerous shops both in Arthur and across the surrounding Amish countryside.

Arthur began showcasing these fine local quilts in an open quilt show each spring with dates tied to coincide with the famous quilt show in Paducah KY. Many quilters traveling to see this large Kentucky show make a side trip of about 3 hours north to visit Arthur and the Arthur Spring Quilt Show.

Arthur’s 24th Annual Spring Quilt Show in Amish Country: The 2013 Arthur Quilt Show is slated for Wednesday, April 25, 2013 through Saturday April 27, 2013. It help every year about the same time. The competition/display usually attracts well over 100 local entries. Arthur Quilt ShowA large quilt auction is part of the event on Saturday with well over 100 quilts going up for sale. Quilt related classes and demonstrations will be held during the week. There are many more past winners and other quilts on display and/or for sale in local stores and shop windows about the downtown area and in the nearby country shops. There are lots of fine quilts to see in Arthur during this time period.

ACM Tours can assist your group in planning a full day (or longer) excursion into Arthur Amish Quilt Country. We can assist with quilter-oriented guided tours with stops at local country and in-town quilt shops along with the Quilt Show itself. We can arrange for a midday meal in and Amish home, and a farm and home tour afterward. This is always enjoyed by all and provides a real insight to local Amish life.

For Small Groups or Individuals during the Quilt Show Time Frame: Our walking tour and our self guided tour includes a number of area quilt locations to visit. Additionall during the quilt show we often have Amish home meals that we can add small groups into. Give us a call.

For groups of 20 or more, an Arthur Quilt Show One Day Package is available at $26 per person. This includes a group quilt oriented guided tour, Amish home meal and farm tour, Arthur Quilt Show admission and time allotted to visit in-town Arthur quilt and other Arthur quilt Show Tourshops. Your group would need to be in Arthur by 11 a.m. (10:30 a.m. would be preferred) Please allow at least 4 hours in Arthur as a minimum to enjoy this visit. Six or more hours would be better. Smaller group packages are available.

Overnight accommodations at this time would be approximately $85/room, double occupancy, with a free continental breakfast in nearby Tuscola at a Holiday Inn Express lodge. Other accommodations are available.

Please call or email for more specific group size and date, pricing and packaging.

Group Hotel information:Melrose Quilt Shop, Arthur, IL.
A rooming list with names is required 30 days prior to arrival. 30 day cancellation notice required. Overnight accommodations are not comp’ed as we do not inflate the price. You are offered lodging at our best possible price. If we can talk lodging operators into any savings, we pass that on to you. We will provide contact for local accommodations if you wish to make your own reservations.

For Reservation Policies, Included Comps, Deposits and General Reservation Terms see our Reservation FAQ’s page

ACM Tours can arrange other, quilter orientated tours at many other time of the year. Check our Arthur Area Calendar of Events keyword “Quilts” to see other quilt events in the area. Then please call or email us for more specific group size and date, pricing and packaging.