100_0701Fall Frolic Tour
in Central Illinois Amish Country

Think autumn-vivid hues, bright skies, crisp days, apples galore, hearty foods and exploring lively activities, and family fun comes to mind.

This three-day Fall Frolic Tour in Central Illinois Amish Country delivers autumn’s best and then some.

“Traveling scenic Illinois Amish Country is great anytime, but there is something magical about the fall that makes it our favorite time of year to welcome group tours,” said Christy Miller, travel trade marketing director for Illinois Amish Country . “I don’t know if it’s the smells in the air of apples and cinnamon rolls or all the beautiful colors with the leaves and the harvest colors and mums but it just puts a smile on everyone’s face. I believe that fall in Illinois Amish Country is just a wonderful time.”

ACM Tours can arrange these details in any order for individuals or large groups.

Day One:
Arrive anytime and spend the day visiting the many family shops and the nearby countryside in and around Arthur, the Heart of Illinois Amish Country.

Begin your day exploring down town Arthur. loftstorefrontHere you will experience a vibrant, small , Midwestern downtown at its finest! Locally hand crafted quilts and handmade Amish furniture, crafts and collectibles, antiques, bolts of cloths and tons of sewing supplies, sporting goods, world class art, fall gifts and decorations, local history, Amish cultural information, and area photography.

As you wander down the sidewalk you will smell the aroma of fresh baked goods and fresh pretzels coming from Cheese and More, find fresh fudge being made in the Arthur Flower Shop, partake in a Green River or a Phosphate ate the Dick’s Drug Store’s antique marble soda fountain, or try a tasty custard with all the toppings at the new Tasty Cup shop downtown.

If the ice cream, candies and baked goods don’t tide you over until supper time, you can grab a soup and sandwich at Cheese and More downtown, or head over Pauly’s BBQ for a special lunch. If the day gets away, as it might, you can save yourself for supper at Yoder’s Kitchen for their famous fried chicken on their bountiful buffet.

Day Two:pumpkinpatch
This day promises a guided, autumn-themed culinary journey exploring the scenic Arthur Amish countryside tinged with hues of orange, red, and gold. Throughout the day, you can gather ingredients for a apple or pumpkin treat, dip a caramel apple and participate in a pie-making demo. A tasty highpoint of this day out in Illinois Amish Country is a traditional “haystack” lunch served by local Amish ladies on a authentic Amish homestead.

Shutterbugs love Chesterville, especially in autumn when the foliage turn colors. This tiny town in the scenic woodlands along the Kaskaskia river also makes a great stop on the way to the Aikman Wildlife Park, where you can see many unusual critters from around the world… up close and personal.100_0704

More fall fun is in store as you head to Arthur’s largest apple orchard just outside of town where you can watch them press fresh apple cider or enjoy a fresh made apple slushy. Not far down the road you may wish to look at some of the gorgeous quilts that are on display at Melrose Quilts.

At the Great Pumpkin Patch also just outside of Arthur, enjoy seeing or shopping for over 400 varieties of pumpkins, squash and gourds grown on the seasonally decorated 200-acre working family farm. Explore their historic seed archives and learn a bit about cucurbits (squash) grown around the world. While there be sure to tour the on farm bakery there where you can see them making pies, cookies, cakes and cinnamon rolls and taste a number of their pumpkin treats.100_1157

Wrap up your day with a welcome respite on a brisk fall day. Dine family style in an Amish home where no one goes away hungry (famous last words here – “leave room for pie”.)

Day Three:
Your final day offers the chance to meet the real housewives of Illinois Amish Country, and see firsthand how they manage their farm homes, do household chores without electrical appliances and run their country businesses without modern technology.

At one Amish home, enjoy a cinnamon 100_0609roll demo (and tasting), and at another, sit down to a haystack lunch followed by a peanut butter crumb pie-making demo. Get to meet your hosts while they talk to you about their cooking secrets and experiences.

Other experiences include learning how an Amish buggy maker builds Amish buggies at an on-farm buggy shop or talk to an Amish farmer about his goat farm and see firsthand what goes into the production of on-farm cheese making. While at this farm you can take a ride in a real buggy to top off your Amish experience.

You can make day three as long or as short as you wish and still get home on your schedule with lots of great memories.

As you can tell, this short list of activities can easily fill three days with memories and experiences not found elsewhere in Illinois.

Let ACM Tours help you plan an Amish Country adventure for your family or group.